Warming Center Client Agreement

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  • Check in (7pm-8pm)

    • You must check-in between 7 pm-8 pm at Foundations for Living’s Warming Center.
    • Upon arrival you must use hand sanitizer and get your temperature taken.
    • Fill out the registration form on your first visit, or if there are any changes.
    • You must open your bags once entering the warming center so we can look inside of them. You will also need to empty your pockets. Anything illegal will be confiscated at this time. You may not bring any weapons (guns, knives, etc.) into the building. 
    • You will then need to take out only the items you will need for the night and the next day.  All your belongings except what you will need for the next 24 hours will be put into a locker that will be locked away until the next day. If you are not planning to return the next evening, you will have to make arrangements that evening as to how you will retrieve your belongings.  This agreement must be made in writing and signed by you and the evening host.
    • Lights out time is 10:00pm.


    Overnight (8pm-7am)

    • You will need to stay in the shelter from 8pm-6am, except with special written permission by FFL staff. 
    • Please make sure to make your bed and clean up after yourself. Whenever you are not sleeping, your bed must be made neatly.  Beds must be stripped and remade by you every week.
    • If you are not planning on staying another night, you must notify the staff upon check-in.
    • If you do not show up and check-in during evening check-in time (between 7 and 8 pm), your things will be removed and you may not be allowed to return for the rest of the season.  If you leave things behind, they will be disposed of after 24 hours.



    Morning/ Afternoon (6am-7pm)

    • If you plan to leave the next day, notify the volunteer at nightly check-in the night before you leave.  Your things that are locked up will be placed in a location where you can retrieve them in the morning.


    Case Management / Programming 

    • If you are going to plan to stay more than one overnight in our warming center program, you must inform your check in host or someone on FFL staff. You will need to enroll in the programming offered and required by FFL which includes a minimum of 5 approved programs each week.


    Individuals with cars

    All guest’s cars must be parked in the designated area. 

                  All cars in the parking lot must be locked and all car keys given to warming center staff     for safe keeping.


    Additional information 

    • FFL will provide you with hygiene products if needed. 
    • Laundry may be available. 
    • A folder with a list of helpful resources and information will be provided.
    • If you are planning to remain an FFL Warming Center client for more than 1 night, you will be required to work with a case manager on a plan and daily report on your completion of that day's goals by phone to your case manager. You will be expected to document a minimum of 20 hours of effort toward your goals/ 7 days a week.   Non-compliance with this requirement will mean expulsion from the program.  If you are not wanting to engage in case management you will not be allowed to stay for more than 1 night.  You need to contact the FFL office at 920-942-2725 if assistance is needed; no later than the morning of the third day.
    • If drinking and or drug use is suspected you can be asked to take a drug test.  If the results are positive, you will be asked to collect your things and leave the warming center immediately.
    • Individuals enrolled in the "case management program" understand and agree to have regular "pop" drug tests administered by a person of the same sex.
    • It is understood that if someone becomes unruly, verbally threatening or violent in any way, the police will be called and the person will be removed from the program.
    • Smoking is NOT allowed inside the building and only between 6a.m-9 p.m in the designated outdoor smoking area.
    • No drugs, alcohol or pets will be allowed in the building.


    Rule Violations

    • If you have violated any of these rules you will not be allowed to return for 7 days, and possibly not at all if it is a major rule violation. 
    • If drinking and or drug use is suspected you may be asked to take a drug test. 




    Please be respectful of others and keep your appointments and complete your program plan if one was set in place.


    I have read and understand these rules and agree to comply with them as long as I am a part of the 2021-22 Warming Center Program. 

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • Foundations for Living Warming Center Drug and Alcohol Policy:


    Foundations for Living has a zero-tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use.


    Foundations for Living is concerned and recognizes a responsibility to provide a healthy and safe warming center for all of our clients. This Policy is designed to help accomplish that goal by eliminating drug and alcohol abuse among our clients. Clients who use illegal drugs or abuse other controlled substances or alcohol will not be allowed to utilize our warming center. We believe our clients have the right to stay with persons free from the effects of alcohol and drugs. This Policy is designed to help accomplish that goal by eliminating alcohol and drug abuse among our clients. We do regret any inconvenience that may be caused to clients who do not abuse alcohol or drugs. We believe, however, that the benefits to be derived from this Policy in terms of enhanced safety for our warming center clients will more than makeup for any inconvenience to the rest of us. We seek the understanding and cooperation of all clients in implementing this Policy to make our warming center a safe and enjoyable place to stay.



    The possession, consumption, purchase, or sale of alcohol on our warming center premises is prohibited. Furthermore, no client shall be under the influence of alcohol while on the premises. In the opinion of Foundations for Living this may affect the safety of our clients, our staff, co-workers or members of the public.


    The use of illegal drugs may affect the safety of our clients, staff, or members of the public. The use, purchase, sale, transfer, possession, being under the influence, or the presence in one’s system of a detectable amount of an illegal drug by any client is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, and propoxyphene.




    A urinalysis or another drug/alcohol screening may be conducted at random or when there is reason to believe that a client may be using drugs or may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our clients’ cooperation with such a test is required as a condition of staying at the warming center. The clients’ refusal to cooperate with such a request and provide a specimen may be grounds for immediate removal from the warming shelter program if there are any reasons to believe that the client has violated this Policy and the client’s refusal to cooperate prevents a medical determination of his/her condition. Failure to produce a negative urine test result or to comply with all the tenants of this document and the established FFL procedures for its implementation will constitute non-compliance with this Policy.


    SEARCHES: Routine searches may be conducted at times unannounced, this includes, but is not limited to, lockers, storage areas, vehicles, bags, or purses. Should FFL suspect that a client has sold, purchased, used, or possessed alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia while being on the warming center program, FFL may inspect the client’s personal effects (lunch boxes, tool boxes, purses, luggage) or automobile on FFL’s property.





    VIOLATIONS OF POLICY: Any violation of this Policy will be grounds for termination from the warming center program. However, in some circumstances and at the sole discretion of FFL staff (not FFL volunteers), a lesser penalty may be selected to be certain that he/she has not resumed usage of drugs or alcohol in violation of this Policy. If such subsequent usage is detected, the client will be removed from the warming center program.



    VII. SELF-IDENTIFICATION TO FFL MANAGEMENT/SUPERVISION: Clients who take the initiative of advising FFL staff that they have a medical problem with regard to alcohol or drug use, who have not engaged in misconduct or repeated poor performance while in the warming center program, and who demonstrate a commitment to take the necessary remedial action, will be provided an opportunity to stay in the warming center program if they agree in writing to enter into a drug or alcohol treatment program immediately.


    RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: Foundations for Living reserves the right to change, rescind or depart from this Policy in whole or in part. Nothing in this Policy alters the client’s status. FFL hopes each relationship with our warming shelter clients will be a happy and enduring one. Nevertheless, clients remain free to rescind their consent to stay at the warming center at any time with or without cause.


    CLIENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CONSENT: I have carefully and thoroughly read and understood Foundations for Living’s warming center Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy. I agree to follow that Policy.

  • Weapons

  • Foundations for Living Warming Center Weapons Policy




    To ensure that Foundations for Living maintains an environment that is safe and free of violence for all clients and staff, Foundations for Living prohibits the possession or use of dangerous weapons on all of its properties, leased locations, and partner program properties.


    Persons Covered


    All FFL clients, employees, staff, and volunteers are subject to this provision, including contract workers and temporary employees as well as visitors, warming center clients, and customers. A license to carry the weapon on company property does not supersede company policy. Any employee in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Any warming center client that is in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the program and be banned for life from the warming center program for life.




    “Dangerous weapons” include firearms, explosives, knives and other weapons that might be considered dangerous or that could cause harm. Employees and clients are responsible for making sure that any item possessed by the employee or client is not prohibited by this policy.


    Searches of Personal Property


    Foundations for Living reserves the right at any time and at its discretion to search all company-owned or leased vehicles and all vehicles, packages, containers, briefcases, purses, lockers, desks, enclosures, and persons entering its property, for the purpose of determining whether any weapon is being, or has been, brought onto its property or premises in violation of this policy. Employees, clients, customers, or volunteers who fail or refuse to promptly permit a search under this policy will be subject to discipline up to and including termination.




    This policy is administered and enforced by either the executive director or the assistant executive director. Anyone with questions or concerns specific to this policy should contact them directly.


    Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate expulsion from all FFL programs and the offense will be promptly reported to law enforcement for further investigation.

  • Information Release

  • Foundation for Living Consent to Share information with Probation and Parole Form:



    Information Sharing in the Criminal Justice – Mental Health – Social Services Systems


    Individuals with mental illnesses, addictions, and homelessness are overrepresented at every stage of the criminal justice process. In response, many jurisdictions have developed a range of policy and programmatic responses that depend on collaboration among the criminal justice, mental health, and substance abuse treatment systems. A critical component of this cross-system collaboration is information sharing, particularly information about the health and treatment of people with mental illnesses who are the focus of these responses. At the individual level, health information is essential to provide adequate assessment and treatment. At the program level, it can be used to identify target populations for interventions, evaluate program effectiveness, and determine whether programs are cost-efficient.


    By signing below I hereby understand and agree that Foundations for Living may upon request speak to my probation and/or parole officer, for any reason at any time and that my personal information will be cross-communicated between the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, the offices of probation and parole and Foundations for Living staff and private contractors.

    I understand and accept that there will be ongoing and open communication between my probation and or parole officer and Foundation for Living’s staff, volunteers, independent contractors, and employees.   By signing this form I am waiving my right to privacy and any law that may protect me from my information being shared. I understand that agree that Foundations for Living is allowed to speak my probation and or parole officer at any time and for any reason.

  • Required Programming

  • Foundations for Living Consent to attend programing


    Foundations for Living provides a number of programs and accepts outside programming for its warming center clients. You are required to attend a minimum of 5 programs per week in order to remain eligible for staying in the warming center. You must provide an account of your participation in writing to FFL staff or appropriate volunteers. This information will be reviewed, and records may be verified within FFL programs or with accepted outside program managers.


    Foundations for Living’s Programs:


    • Fresh Hope – Monday
    • Tuesday night AA at FFL
    • Men’s Study -Thursday
    • Changes - TBD
    • Financial Peace – TBD


    Accepted outside programing:


    • Sunday and Wednesday church services (must be verified by FFL staff)
    • Outside AA and NA meetings (GSR must be willing to verify attendance)
    • Outside mental health recovery and support groups (with verification by leader)
    • State or Federal rehabilitation programs (with verification by agency)



    By signing this agreement, I understand that I must attend at least 5 programs per week, or I will no longer be eligible to stay at the warming center. I understand that if I falsify any attendance records or willingly give false information related to my programming attendance, I will immediately be asked to leave the warming center program.

  • Local Ordinances

  • Special Policies for our Service Area


    This is a list of policies put in place by our local, state, and federal partners to ensure your safety and the safety of our community. Please read them over carefully and make sure that you understand them. If there is a question about any of these policies please talk directly with FFL staff or warming center volunteers to ensure clarity.


    • I understand that I will need to present photo identification in order to stay in our shelter, this can be a driver’s license, state-issued ID federal ID, or passport.
    • I understand that there are no outdoor activities planned, you must keep your persons and belongings on FFL property. There are no times set aside for recreational activities outside of our warming center doors.
    • I understand all of the written policies and procedures for expulsion by FFL from the shelter.
    • I understand that smoking is only allowed in areas marked for smoking. I understand this area is behind the shelter next to the smoker’s station. I understand I may not leave this area while smoking.
    • I understand and agree to all written safety and security policies put in place by Foundations for Living and its leaders and staff.
    • I understand that all communication with the City of Waupaca, including its law enforcement officers, its emergency response teams, its social services, and the population of the city of Waupaca is to be kind, courteous, helpful, and pleasant.
    • I understand and agree that check-in is in between the hours of 7:00 PM and 8:000 PM CST
    • I understand and agree that the warming shelter hours are between 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM CST
    • I understand agree that FFL’s policy states a “lights out” time of 10:00 PM CST