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What is Recovery Coaching?

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A recovery coach’s job is to support a client in pursuing their own goals. While a person classified as a counselor or a therapist might diagnose addictive behavior and prescribe treatment, this is not the coach’s focus. Instead, a coach will offer someone the tools and guidance needed to follow the path they’ve already chosen.

All recovery coaching is free through Foundations for Living

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Who is our lead coach?

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Michael and Amber have been part of the recovery community since 2009 and have both been helping people walk through thier recovery one step at a time. Michael and Amber are both certified CCAR recovery coaches and Michael is our Associate Director here at FFL.

Recovering from addiction is a very challenging process, especially for those who have found solace in it and use it as a means to cope with life difficulties. However, if you have decided that the time to embark on the path of sobriety has come, that you want to break free from the shackles of addiction, please make an appointment and start your journey to recovery today.

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All recovery coaching services provided directly by Foundations for Living are free. There are no costs asscociated with our programs.