Our Vision

That all people in Waupaca County will be healthy in mind, body, and spirit, living independent and productive lives to the best of their ability.


OUR PURPOSE:  The purpose of Foundations for Living is to offer spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and community foundations from which independence and self-sufficiency is established and maintained. 

Our Story

Foundations For Living was founded in September 2011 with the dream that everyone in the Waupaca area would live healthy and independent lives. Continually focusing on this vision, we aid those in Waupaca and surrounding communities who are in crisis or transition by offering supportive housing, emergency needs assessment, recovery support and resources. 

We are a faith-based nonprofit that welcomes all individuals and families in crisis or need with open arms. We provide a safe environment in which our guests gain the skills, knowledge and confidence in their ability to live independent, safe and productive lives.

All donations are dedicated to our clientele. In 2019, FFL was able to help over 1,200 individuals and families with over $80,000 in assistance, food, clothing, emergency shelter, transportation, employment connections and supportive housing. We expect this figure to be even greater in 2020.


“But we can’t impose our own goals, wishes, or help on anyone. We can only teach, support, and love. We give them more opportunities, more choices. Then we love them regardless of the choices they make, hoping that they will learn to make better ones in the future.”