Fresh Hope meets here at Foundations For Living each Monday night from 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. This is a free class open to the public.

The statistics in America are staggering.

1 out of 5 suffers from a mental health challenge

1.4 million attempted suicides annually

48,344 died by suicide annually

While the doctor, therapist and medicine are necessary, they are not enough. The suicide rates continue to climb. Suicide is 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. and the 2nd leading cause for those ages 14 to 24.

There is a serious gap between someone receiving the medical treatment for a mental illness and them learning how to live well in spite of it. This gap is critical. And your church has the hope they need.

Fresh Hope Philosophy

Fresh Hope is a peer-to-peer Christ-centered wellness approach to mental health recovery based upon six tenets that empowers people to connect both their faith and recovery principles. This approach both empowers and encouraging individuals live full and rich lives in spite of their diagnosis.

The Fresh Hope approach includes the following beliefs:

- Peer-to-peer support plays a very significant role in one’s successful recovery.

- There is a difference between “just coping” and thriving.

- When used exclusively, the medical model can lead to a “learned helplessness”.

- Recovery and wellness is a “taking back” of one’s life and living it to the fullest possible.

- Peers who give back by coming along side others in recovery sometimes receive even more than they


- People who have “been there” oftentimes understand and help more people than those who have not

  been “through it.”

- Faith in Christ in foundational to having hope in hopeless situations.

- The Christian church needs to be proactive and reach out with hope to the millions who are in emotional


- The state and federal mental health systems cannot do “it all”. There are many things they could

  improve upon.

- One must accept personal responsibility for his/her own recovery and wellness.

- Sometimes you have to simply “push-through” even though you feel horrible or feel like giving up.

- It’s self-destructive to use your mental health diagnosis as an excuse for not moving forward in recovery.

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